Land of Uncertainty


So I know I wrote about being chill about sitting for the bar.

I dunno if I said anything about a backup plan.

But, I have one.

I didn’t want to not study because of my backup plan.

I felt like that would be taking advantage of it.

I made it and kept studying.

Then, I got sick for two weeks.

At some point I contemplated another backup plan.

I’m going to work on that one.

But, then, my grandmother got sick and ended up in the hospital.

I couldn’t put studying over helping my family.

I prayed and prayed and things just kept happening to thwart my ability to study.


I probably could have pushed it some.

But it just doesn’t seem like the timing is right.

I’m still gonna sit for the bar, as unprepared as I am.

And, I’m still gonna work on these other plans

I’m still gonna keep praying.

And I’ll see what God does with it all.

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