So, it’s 3:13 am as I start writing.

It’s Valentine’s Day!

A day of love.

I have no Valentine.

Well not a male.

I think my mom is going to get me something like she often does.

At 31 I’ve had a male Valentine like 3 times.

It’s not that sad.

Kanye shrug.

Lately that’s been by choice.

I was so male affection and relationship crazy that I refuse to serioisly entertain a relationship right now.

I joke, for real, that I need a boyfriend available at my beck and call at all times.

But, I wouldn’t really like that.

So, I’ll just wait til it’s time to have whoever is meant for me.


That’s the point of this musing.

Jesus is the ultimate example of what and who a Valentine and love should be.

But, I’m in the hospital with one of the best examples of love I’ve ever known.

My grandmother has been here for a week.

I’ve been here everyday.

I’ve spent a couple partial nights, a couple full nights, even clocking over 22 hours one day.

I don’t mind being tired.

I don’t mind the money and time I’ve spent.

Because she has shown me unconditional love in the almost 9 years I’ve been back home.

When I had nowhere to go she took me in.

And, when it seemed like I was on my feet, she threatened to put me out at the perfect time.

She has fed me.

She has entertained me.

She has listened.

She has chastised and corrected me.

She has become one of my best friends.

She has shown me the beauty of some of the seemingly undesirable parts of my personality that came straight from her.

She has shown me what strength looks like.

She has shown me what determination looks like.

She has also shown me what crazy looks like. 😂

If I grow up to be half the woman she is I’ll be pretty great.

So no, I have no Valentine today.

But I have love in more ways than one!

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