Generation Gaps & Self-Colored Lenses

I don’t even know if that’s what I’m gonna talk about now.

I have had an interesting week and a day dealing with people of my parents’ generation.

I already knew there was a gap and a disconnect.

But this has been plainly and prominently on display.

It is rather frustrating.

It is a subset of an issue with out world as a whole.

We look at others and judge them based on us, how we perceive ourselves, and how we think others should be based on a power or some other structure.


I look at you based on the fact that you are my nephew and how I would treat my aunt.

Never mind that I am not you and my intent may not be what you perceive.

We have the tendency to place people in boxes and say they can only behave a certain way or be a certain thing based on our life experiences and beliefs.

But we are complex multifaceted individuals.

We should give people space and room to be who they are.

We should embrace and explore it before making assumptions and generalizations.

But, that’s just one lil 31-year-old’s opinion.

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