So, I think I’m going to give Facebook a rest.

And I think I’m not gonna tag my posts.

I want people to read my blog because I think my words could help someone.

But human nature is a crazy thing.

We need to see proof.

The stats.

The reads.

I guess Facebook was good for something.

And here too.

I don’t do it for likes or views.

But, since I don’t get many it won’t be hard to just distill the most important thoughts here.

It’s, for whatever reason, easier to constantly post on Facebook.

Blogging seems weightier-if that’s even a word.

It seems to require more thought and care with my words.

If you have read a blog or two you’d know I have a law degree but haven’t taken the bar.

There was pressure and anxiety that has abated considerably.

As a Christian I am surrounded by them.

The go-to phrase when speaking life to my doubt and fears, hidden from view for so long, is to speak positive.

Speak it into existence.

I don’t want to fail.

It’s expensive to take and retake and get flights and hotels since I’m taking it in another state.

But I know me.

And I know God.

And I know our relationship.

Something is just telling me that things are gonna go a certain wait for reasons I don’t fully know yet.

I’m going to study.

I’m not going to punk out again and not take the test.

But the way my life and my relationship with God are set up…..

This likely sounds crazy.

Where is your faith?

How can you doubt and have faith?

The thing is this.

I’m looking at the bigger picture.

Something is up.

There are dreams, visions, and purpose.

And detours or the process taking longer all work together for good.

But people don’t get that.

Often we base our Christianity on certain scriptures and are shortsighted about things.

God’s timing is not ours.

Our journey and process to there is wholly dependent upon what he thinks is best.

We just have to chill and trust him.

Faith in there is more important than faith in now.

God has a track record with human failing and struggle ultimately bringing him glory.

I don’t want to fail. I don’t.

But there will be a lesson and blessing in however this next month shakes out.

And I am excited to see where my life takes me.

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