Winter has finally arrived in my neck of the woods. I hate winter here. I hated summer where I used to live. I appreciated the delay of winter here. I appreciated the delay of summer and warm December there.

But all seasons are necessary. That’s just the way the world, life works. Things have gone catastrophically wrong due to these seasons being out of whack lately. People have lost lives, homes, livelihoods. The impact is unknown and incalculable.

The same can be said for seasons of our lives. Every season, hot, cold, stormy, rainy, freezing, is necessary to enable us to become our best selves. If we are holding onto a season, unwilling to move into a season, or dressed for the wrong season, the damage can be catastrophically incalculable. What happens in one season dictates what happens in another.

We should not despise the simple things in current seasons if we are expecting certain things from other seasons. Seasons build and change, hinging upon simple occurrences and decisions.  We shouldn’t ruin the harvest because we couldn’t plant right. We shouldn’t be caught off guard by or fail to execute when it’s raining and mess up the harvest.

We should embrace each season, learn each lesson. After all, whatever happens may just come around again. If we mess up we may have to endure some rough seasons. But if we’re wise and careful, when the season rolls back around we will know better, be better, and be able to experience better seasons.

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