Intolerant Inequality

I don’t understand some American’s complete, total, historic, systemic, and continual discrimination.

This country was founded due to people fleeing a discriminatory, intolerant Europe. Yet for every generation that has followed, some group of people has been oppressed, repressed, discriminated against, judged, and vilified.

White privilege is real. And white privilege exists. Today. One of my favorite classes was race and the law. And it’s not cuz I’m black. It’s not because black people were talked about because Hispanic, Asians, and Native Americans got some spotlight too. It highlighted thoughts and opinions about these good ol states of America.

The crazy thing is, though I see white privilege, I also see that every group that has faced discrimination discriminates against every group that comes after them. Some of my people have strong feelings about Hispanic people.

Every Middle Easterner, every Muslim is not a terrorist. They are not all out to kill the world. All of these people judging, Christians and religious folk I might add, would hate to be lumped into one category.

What if people thought every white person was a Timothy McVeigh? What if people thought every black person was one of the two DC snipers?

There’s got to come a day when we don’t judge by the color of people’s skin but the content of their character as Dr. King dreamed. In his words, injustice anywhere is still ina threat to justice everywhere. When will there be true equality? 

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