So I’ve been going through on this job of mine. I was super grateful to get it. It seemed like a blessing and a long shot considering the qualifications. I prayed and got it.

And then it became the worse job I have ever had. Horrible. But I sat at my desk yesterday and thought about what exactly it is that I do. At 27 years old I am writing guidance at a state agency that impacts the lives of thousands of people. I will soon be involved in drafting legislation that will impact the lives of thousands of people. Nobody can take that away.

I feel like Peter. I am walking in the miraculous. But the difficulty that exists around the miraculous has taken my focus off of the miracle worker and the miracle.

I’m not promising that I’ll always keep my focus right. The enemy isn’t playing games. But I have to try not to give him ammunition or feed into his devices. I won when Jesus died on calvary, descended to hell, rose, and ascended to heaven. The weapons may form but they won’t prosper. God is in control and my source. Not these people or this job.

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