I really want to be changed

I don’t want to be who I used to be

Repeating past behavior is so easy to do

Especially when I’ve said the same thing before

I want to learn the lesson

I don’t want to get amnesia

I don’t want to be in this wilderness forever

I don’t want to waste any more time

I know I’ve been here before

I know I’ve cried wolf

I’ve made promises

I’ve broken them

This time seems different

This time seems like the real thing

The hard part is that all the other times did too

I’m am so completely confused

I wish I knew

I wish I was completely sure

I feel different

But emotions lead you astray

I’m going to pray

And work really hard

I believe

But I don’t trust me

I’m just gonna trust

That this time won’t be like the last

That I won’t forget

Each and every lesson of the past

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