Who say what?

Contrary to popular belief and behavior, God, Jesus, the Bible are all holistic. The mind, body, and spirit of a man matter.

Contrary? The “churches” I went to seemed to be worried outward appearance. Looking good. Smiling. Faking the funk pretending. But we should come as we are without pretense.

There are so many scriptures dealing with the frailty of the human conditions. People crying out to God. People recording what God said. And the His descent in the flesh in the form of Jesus. Jesus told us to bring it all to him. Paul told us that Jesus knows and understands because he was in the flesh just like us.

I don’t have a good poker face. Or at least I didn’t at times growing up. I usually wore my heart on my sleeve. I didn’t like the fakeness I saw. I didn’t like hiding and pretending. I also read my Bible for myself. I listened to who differ people said he was. But I was a mess. I couldn’t understand, didn’t like the fact that my “church”/”christian” world didn’t line up with the Bible.

When I finally gave up on the dream of better where I was, moved to the same, and eventually moved where I could heal, things got better. I had the hard task of looking at my life. I try not to feel ashamed or regret. I am painfully embarrassed and sad for her. But I try to remember what was going on with her and look at the big picture not just her behavior.

Everything isn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. I wasn’t promised a bed of-thorn free-roses or a field full of daisies. But I was promised help, a comforter, a listening ear. I try to pleases him but I know I mess up. I’m going to keep on trying.

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